Are there any side effects from burning too much Frankincense?                                                                        

No. Frankincense is totally safe to burn. For internal use the boiled resin should be consumed once every 2 days. Diluted resin can be drunk daily

How do I use it?                                                                                                                             

The best way to burn Frankincense is to light a piece of charcoal with a lighter and place it onto the burner. Then place a small piece of Frankincense resin on top. See how to use section.

How do I consume it Internally?                                                                                                     

Only our Yellow,Royal and Green Frankincense resins can be used internally. Our Sacra and Frereana Oil can be ingested too. See how to use section for in-depth description.

Are there any scientific proof about the benefits of Frankincense?                                                                              

Yes. Modern research has proven the numerous health benefits of Frankincense. Links to third party websites from this Website are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these links, you leave this Website. We have not reviewed all of these third party websites and do not control and are not responsible for these websites or their content. We regularly write articles and reports on Frankincense and any evidence we find. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

Do accept debit or credit card?                                                                                                     

Yes we do in store and online. We do not take card payments over the telephone. All prices are in GBP and we only except transactions in Sterling. Should you use a credit or debit card or any other method which is converted from a different currency into GBP, we are not liable for any charges you may incur. Should a refund need to be issued for any reason, we will refund the value in GBP. We cannot be responsible for any loss of funds due to fluctuations in the exchange rate or any charges you may incur. We do not accept American Express.

Are the products exactly as it is shown on the website?

We have made every effort to ensure that the products are fairly described, that the product information is correct, and that the colours of our products are displayed as accurately as possible. However, as the actual colours you see will vary with the quality of your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your display will accurately reflect the colour and size of the product requested on delivery.

Is the Frankincense ethically sourced and are the grades all Organic? 

Yes. All our Frankincense is purchased from reputable sources.  It is 100% natural and organic. Our Sacra range of Frankincense is sourced by visiting Oman.

Do you supply wholesale? 

Yes we do. Please email us with information about your business and the quantities you would like, and we will email you our wholesale price list.

Is it safe for babies to breath the Frankincense smoke? 

Yes. Totally safe. Some cultures baptise a new born baby with Frankincense smoke.

My partner has Asthma, but I like the Frankincense, will it effect him/her?                                           

No. Frankincense actually helps asthma sufferers. The smoke has no chemicals and releases a pure natural purifying aroma that helps open the lungs and assists in breathing.

Do you post abroad?                                                                                                                      

Yes. We post to every country. You can select your destination on the checkout page with shipping options.

Are there any other ways of burning Frankincense apart from charcoal? 

Yes. You can use an oil burner. Just place the resins instead of the oil and have the base coated with foil. The candle will heat the foil and the resin will smoke lightly.

I have not received my online order what shall I do?

We advise you wait for 1 week from the time you receive our email confirmation. If you have still not received your items, email us and we shall try to track it down. Although we post confirmed orders within 48 hours, all goods will be dispatched within 5 days unless we notify you otherwise. We will retain a certificate of posting, but we are not responsible for any delays caused by the postal system.

I am not happy with my purchase  can I get a refund?

Unfortunatly we do not offer refunds or exchanges on our products. Please make sure you are 100% satisfied or infomred about the products you wish to purchase. Only goods damaged in transit such as our incense burners can be replaced.

Are the Charcoals harmful to the environment?

We use quick lighting charcoal. The chemical used helps to light these coals fast. The effect to the environment is not as harmful for the minute amount of carbon monied being released. The Frankincense will purify any negative ions in the air. Coconut or bamboo charcoals are a natural way however they take some approx 10-15 minutes to light.