The Frankincense Store believes in ethical trading by treating our staff, customers and suppliers fairly. We believe it is crucial in these modern times to do the extra bit for our environment, which is vital for the growth and health of future generations to come. We strongly believe in recycling and recycle all we can. We re-use packaging that is sent to us from suppliers to re-fill parcels we send out. All our packaging is recyclable from our stickers to the packet. We avoid using plastic and any plastic used is biodegradable. We believe by spending the extra money to care for our environment, the universe takes care of us in return. We never waste our Frankincense and even though we are surrounded by hundred of kilos, we always use every resin, as we believe each piece can make all the difference to your atmosphere in that moment. We transport our Frankincense in re-useable bags and store them in hessian sacks allowing the resins to breath. We believe in positive customer service which gives us positive feedback. Our staff are carefully selected to work and live with an ethical approach to  life, serve you, and to be able to share the magnificent knowledge of our Frankincense.

We believe that people of all races, cultures, religions and spiritual backgrounds have the right to find their own true connection with the Divine, and we are here to help you achieve that. We believe we can bring positive energy to a busy world that creates more stress and worry. We believe it is our duty to constantly learn and enhance our spirituality by living in accordance to the laws of the universe and seeking guidance at all times. To have good ethics consists of good character, faith, manners, reasoning  and behaviour. We are all on a journey to bring back good ethics to a world that is being driven by greed, lust, envy, gluttony, laziness, wrath and pride.


The Frankincense Store

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