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Our Mission

"To spread the ancient knowledge and widsom on the health benefits, various species and various uses of Frankincense. to Continue developing the brand by creating unique products, produced from our finest range of Frankincense resins and essential oils. Selecting fresh Frankincense resins by visiting the regions, which guarantees sustainability, quality and good honest trading. A specialist service building an outstanding relationship with our customers”. - The Frankincense Store

quality assured

As purveyors of the worlds finest Frankincense, our main source for Frankincense is from the Dhofar region of Oman, known to harvest the most luxurious species Boswellia Sacra. Our range also includes other species of Frankincense . Our Frankincense is hand cleaned and graded into various classifications, bringing out the heavenly aromas and properties from each grade. A process unique to our store.

your store

A visit to our store in Notting Hill will bring you to a timeless space, where you can sit down ,relax and enjoy a full Frankincense experience whilst drinking some complimentary Frankincense water or herbal tea. Our sacred knowledge is second to none with our uniquely selected staff to serve you these precious gems. No one leave’s the store without feeling revitalised with a blast of positivity ready to take on your world.

Our Passion

Established since 2009 from Camden Market, Our passion for Frankincense, its history and magnificent healing properties , is the reason why we are at the forefront of the Frankincense trade . Committed to being a specialist in the trade of Frankincense, we stock a wide variety of grades and carry a wealth of knowledge. By making regular trips to Oman, We can assure you our frankincense is always from the most recent harvest

I love love love this store! The selection and quality of the frankincense is divine
— Sue Ryan
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NEW bespoke incense burners

Our new range of Frankincense Burners have been specially hand made for us. Made from the finest terracotta in Morocco, some of these ancient designs can be found in the British museum.


Super Sacra Oil

Following the success of Boswellia Sacra Frankincense essential oil, Get ready for the launch of our Super Sacra Frankincense oil which is 10 times stronger. Coming soon.


Christmas Gift Selection

Check out our 2018 Christmas gift range. Our Christmas gifts are limited in quantity so buy now to be the first to enjoy a a traditional Frankincense Christmas.